Renée Doll, Web Developer


Hello, I’m Renée Doll, and I am a software developer. In my previous work of being a Clinical Mental Health Therapist, I discovered I really enjoy work that requires both creative and analytical thinking. When you work with mental health clients, you’re working with the research, statistics, and symptoms, but you’re also working with the real human being in front of you.

I believe that’s why I was drawn to software development as well. It requires you to be able to utilize different ways of thinking, working with many different minds, all with different goals. Marketing may want something new and exciting, while management would like to maintain something more traditional. I come with those skills to be able to mediate, talk with all stakeholders, and find compromise.

My background also saddles me with an unusual talent of understanding the psychology behind not just what makes a website function, but what makes it good. Will the colors on this page work for someone who is colorblind? Is this page easily accessible to someone who needs to use a screen reader? Are the HEX codes consistent throughout the entire website to lend to brand identity? Will the user understand how every feature works easily, or could it be confusing to someone who isn’t tech savvy?

As a Nashville Software School graduate, I’ve honed my technical skills in web development and gained experience working with different frameworks and technologies. But what sets me apart is my ability to combine my technical knowledge with my soft skills and experience in psychology, allowing me to create websites that are both functional and user-centric.

Renée Doll


Coding Languages:

React, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, C#/.NET, Dart


Wireframes, ERDs, Figma/Sketch, Flutter, WCAG